"It is thought that the coast between Reggio and Gaeta is the most beautiful part of Italy, in which close to Salerno, is a Costa above 'the sea, called by the locals call The Amalfi Coast, with little towns , gardens and fountains .... "Boccaccio (Decameron)"
The Crusaders , returning from Palestine , they brought citrus trees at home , so you can continue to enjoy the juice of the fruits that they had been given to drink during the wars Sante . Who planted the first citrus trees in Amalfi , where they found the ideal climate for playback. The inability to grow citrus in any environment made ??them sought after and valuable fruit soon , especially since medieval medicine discovered the healing properties of lemon , not least that antiscorbutic : scurvy was the scourge that decimated the crews at the time ships due to supply -based processed foods anlow in vitamin C. Along this coast , over the centuries, the cultivation of citrus fruits and lemons in particular, has always been an activity of passion, intense fatigue and proud sacrifices for many men and women who still climb the flowered terraces overlooking the sea pick up the " Golden Globe " .The " Sfusato Amalfitano " is a lemon which owes its name to the elongated spindle-shaped and of course the name of the Amalfi coast which has been recognized by the European Commission with the Mark IGP It is harvested from February to October.
The Company Il Gusto della Costa transform and pack our products using only the finest citrus fruit harvested at the right timeIn a number of plots of land on the Amalfi Coast and processed using traditional methods that enhance the aroma and perfume.